Fair and Just Deliberations

Improve juror communication for more efficient trial outcomes.

Promote a system that encourages structured, systematic jury deliberation and minimizes argument.

Save public money by reducing mistrials and unaffordable court costs.

Reallocate these resources to improve jury processes and pay for criminal justice reform in general.

Broaden the definition of criminal justice reform to allow organizations to work together for a common goal.

The problems our court system faces are complex. How can nonprofits work together to create a more fair process at every step?

Develop legislative liaisons to push for nuanced justice reform packages.

These liaisons could show how innovations like pretrial intervention and jury reform work together.

Improve communication systems within partner organizations.

Fair and Just Deliberations is a powerful system that can help juries consider multiple points of view, but it can also help the nonprofits who advocated for it make decisions. The strategies the Center for Innovative Thinking seeks to implement in the deliberation room are also applicable to board rooms and offices. They increase efficiency, save money, and lead to thoughtful, balanced action.