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Fair and Just Deliberations History

The history of deliberations, specifically, jury trials, cite a range of issues and outcomes such as hung juries and long, expensive deliberations to an extremely negative manifestation.

Today, juries are absent in over 95% of all trials. Constitutionally, that does not translate into fair representation and being judged by a jury of peers.

CIT collaborated directly with an American Bar Association committee focused on jury improvements. The business model was successfully modified into a trial-ready jury discussion framework and subsequently introduced to nearly 20 jury trials and hearings by cooperating Judges in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Through feedback from the testing juries, who experienced the alternative framework, it became clear that the discussion needs in the jury room were distinctly different than the argument-based courtroom trial. The new constituency for the benefits of this framework became the jurors, hence the citizens. They could introduce the process to other jurors when summoned, as well as taking the discussion improvements back to their community.

Give Juries Access to Proven Decision-Making Method to:

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Distractions and Time to Decision
  • Eliminate Argument!

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