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Experience and Motivation

The Center for Innovative Thinking takes a groundbreaking approach to improving the efficiency in the jury process by applying proven methods of business, to the courtroom.

The world’s most successful business leaders have long been influenced by what we label as Fair and Just Deliberation Methods.

As Executive Director of The Center for Innovative Thinking, author Grant Todd specializes in the development of generative processes that produce improved thinking and collaboration.

The evolution of this Center for Innovative Thinking project came from Mr. Todd’s personal experience(s) as a presiding juror, where he witnessed firsthand the need for more comprehensively-focused interaction skills in the deliberation process.

In the simplest terms, an issue is approached from a selected sequence of facts in evidence, and through a shared “language” offers a practical, collaborative approach for thinking through methods of separating fact from emotion, established information from biased opinion, resulting in a more genuine judgement.

Fair and Just Deliberations is a simple, practical, effective process for judges, jurors, and alternative dispute mediators to think through facts and testimonies. The ability to sift through information in order to separate emotion and other biases that can block thinking, will lead to high quality thinking and decisions.

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