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Commentary Introduction

    The intentions behind these updates include:

    1. Introducing interested citizens that face jury duty to improved discussion procedures available to them
    2. Educate citizen jurors on a right they have to request better group discussion tools from the court prior to deliberation
    3. Open up online discussions that pertain to serving and improving jury duty

    Materials have been trial tested and are presently available to all English-speaking jurors and juries to:

    1. Improve their collaboration efforts through an un-biased, proven framework of discussion
    2. Reduce conflict
    3. Eliminate unnecessary distractions
    4. Reduce stress and time
    5. Recognized as a jury innovation by the A.B.A.

    For several years, Fair and Just Deliberations has approached Judges and the court system nationwide to encourage them to offer the above benefits, but for whatever reason their response has been avoidance. Court costs in general are a legislative line-item, and poor cost management has restricted what expenses legislators will put in their hands.

    Our material is copyright protected and there are ongoing material replacement costs involved. But considering that nothing is done in this area for jurors, and considering the near uncontrollable expenses afforded both sides in a court case, the underpaid tax-paying citizen fulfilling their duty should be given better means to do their job via verdict.

    Ultimately, this effort needs to get to the legislative level and as tax-payers you have the right to push for getting more help to do your job as a juror. But for now we want to make you aware of what is available while continuing to improve the material design.