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Collaborative Discussion

Shared Objectives

When we think in the traditional way, we try to do too much at once. We may be looking at the information, forming ideas, and judging someone else’s ideas all at the same time.

Cooperative exploration allows us to unbundle thinking. Instead of trying to do everything at once, we separate out the different aspects of thinking about the objective. This way we can pay full attention to each aspect in turn. The result is better comprehension of the issue by all involved.


If you do not favor an idea, then you are not going to spend much time thinking of the benefits or positive points of that idea. Likely, you need more information to uncover sufficient good points for that other idea in order to accept it. So unbiased, parallel thinking can be accomplished with someone who does not like the initial objective.

Increased Awareness

Because there is now a simple and practical way of referring to different modes of thinking, people become aware that they might be stuck in one mode or another.

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