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About Us

About the Center for Innovative Thinking

The not-for-profit Center for Innovative Thinking (CIT) is committed to improving how we engage each other in a more productive way.

CIT has been engaged with business organizations since 1994. In early 2000, CIT determined to strategically shift emphasis of intervention into the emerging issue of ‘Group Think’. This is the dysfunctional aspect of collective [team; committee; initiative] ‘thinking’ where the ‘leader’ becomes the major influence leading to the group’s determination; often a disingenuous decision, and the wrong results.


  • To Improve the processes for collaboration in dialogue and discussion.
  • To integrate creativity into dialogue to enhance the outcome.
  • To move from ‘It is what it is’ to “What it could be”


  • Groups are better able to address challenges when focused.
  • Focus is a tool for the participants addressing a common objective.
  • Listen for understanding. Do not interrupt or challenge.
  • Systematic collaboration and creativity will improve outcomes.


  • Choose initiatives that leverage positive intentions and principles.
  • Engage participants that are motivated to the shared objective.
  • Use structured frameworks for interaction to avoid distraction.

Grant Todd

Grant Edward Todd, author and visionary, brings the wisdom gained from a career in business and creativity management to his current role as The Center for Innovative Thinking’s CEO.