Barnardsville, NC / August 25, 2014 / PR Newswire

Grant Todd Consulting and the Prevail Organization, a leader in resource focusing and improved productivity announced today that they will deploy the world renowned DeBono Methodology on Focused and Collaborative Thinking ‘virtually’ to governmental organizations. The DeBono Thinking Systems are the key to process improvement, organizational innovation, strategic leadership, individual creativity and problem solving for businesses, non profit organizations and individuals around the world.

“DeBono Thinking Systems links over 300 certified trainers in 50 countries on six continents; that’s harnessing the strength of over 600,000 people worldwide to provide corporations and governmental agencies with the tools they need to achieve measurable results and maximize productivity,” states Grant Todd, President at the Prevail Organization. He continues: “By deploying our systems virtually, our clients can realize immediate results while enjoying dramatic economies of scale – in a virtual world, our reach is truly global.”

Grant Todd brings real-world application experience of creative and collaborative initiatives to the company table so that the power of this wisdom can be released within their organization. Mr. Todd and the Prevail Organization go far beyond being just a persuasive agent for change—their world-class, proven programs are tailor-made to the specific objectives and environments of a business which can facilitate a significant shift within a company, from the executive buy-in to implementation planning to measuring the bottom-line impact.

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