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Unleashing Creativity in Civic Discussion

The non-profit Center for Innovative Thinking (CIT) is committed to improving how we engage each other in a more productive way.

Innovative Outcomes from Collaborative Thinking


To Improve the processes for collaboration in dialogue and decisions.


Groups are better able to address challenges when focused on individual objectives.


Apply alternative thinking methods to shared objectives.

A Collaborative Discussion Methodology

Our diverse emotional interests are sure to stimulate argument and hurt. Instead of talking each other down, being louder than others, letting emotions dominate, let us first determine our primary mutual interest and make that the specific focus.

A Structured Framework for Decision Making

Businesses are very good at empowering their people to make strong decisions when money is on the line. These Best Practices are transferable to community discussion.

Integrating creativity

To improve the processes for collaboration and discussion, we integrate creativity into dialogue to enhance the outcome, moving from “It is what it is” to “What it could be.”

Alternative Thinking In Action

A Fair and Just Deliberations model for the American Jury has been developed and is available for actual trial-pilot studies.

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